Top 5 Types Of Marketing Videos That Pull Massive Leads With Incredible Intensity

Top 5 Types Of Marketing Videos That Pull Massive Leads With Incredible Intensity

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Did you know that video outsells print by as much as 600%? How would you like to explode your lead generation efforts overnight with the power of video? In this article I will share with you the top 5 types of videos that mesmerize your audience and pull consistently high quality leads.

When people can see your face, it does an amazing job of connecting you to your audience. Did you know that athletes who’s face can be seen get paid more than those who you can’t see (i.e. football players)? In the major media outlets of print, radio and TV, without fail TV gets the most sponsors. Basically, you can consider video the undisputed heavyweight champion of marketing, and if you’re not using it, you are simply leaving money on the table.

Here are the top 5 types of videos that you can create to generate an incredible amount of leads with little effort:

1. Educational/How To – If you simply started a series of “how to” videos related to your industry on lead generation, cashflow strategies, personal branding, downline retention, web 2.0 mastery, etc., you will create a following so large that you won’t have any issues with “lead poverty.” Here’s a very popular “how to” video for getting leads with a simple Post-It Note: (

2. Entertainment – some of the most popular (and lead generating) videos that I’ve ever done were from an entertainment angle. I did a dancing video that got nearly 1000 hits in 48 hours ( Have fun and make money at the same time.

3. Lifestyle – believe it or not, people love to watch videos that chronicle your lifestyle. This makes you “human” in the minds of your audience, and people are always looking to connect with those that they can identify with. This is the main reason why reality TV is so popular. Become your own reality TV show and make people fall in love with you. Check out this one: (

4. Demonstrations/Instructional – this is the brother to educational/how to videos. Lots of people want to understand the workings of software, online tools, or even how your products functions. Consider yourself a video “handyman” of sorts when doing these type of videos. Here’s one that I did recently with a headline analyzer software: (

5. Testimonials –Get others to cut testimonial videos about you. When you utilize 3rd party credibility, it expands how people see you and subconsciously they raise their level of respect for you. Building genuine rapport through testimonials is priceless. Here’s an example: (

One “honorable mention” for video marketing is what’s called a screen capture. Purchase the tool called Camtasia and you can literally video anything you do on your PC and overlay it with audio. Here’s a sample of how that would look: (

Video has been proven to generate higher commissions, sales and profits than any other form of marketing. Video literally brings your message to life.   You can get professional training on video marketing right here.

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